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    Hi Dave! I’m currently building a 1:32 slot track right now! On top of a pool table I never use anymore. On top of blue foam board it sits 5.5 ft x 11 ft. Currently laying track but have already got 30 cars…yikes! My track is Scalextric mostly because of tighter radius track, but happy with my choice. Deciding factor was this starter set that had a cool 70 Camaro and 69 Mustang. added a lot of track of course….I plan to make it with full scenery. My favorite cars are Pioneer…They have great street cars plus some as kits you paint and assemble. Got a cool General Lee! 2nd favorite is Scalextric…especially the Batmobile, Knight Rider and if you look on Amazon right now, they have New vintage-era NASCAR Tbirds and Monte Carlos for only $30 a car!!! I got all six cars…lol. I only have one Carrera but also have two actual vintage Auto Art Mustangs becuase they are identical to my car including the paint color.

    So far my leanings are street cars, with vintage NASCAR 2nd favorite. Best prices on cars overall I found on http://www.RCSuperstore.com. Also great shipping. Many older cars bought on eBay and even the used cars looked brand new! The detail on the Auto Art and Pioneer cars are staggering, rivalling die cast!

    Also, if you are interested in trains Anyrail6 is a phenominal track planner. My HO layout has 23 remote switches and magnetic decouplers…

    Here’s the online gallery of my layout….


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