PaxCon 2023 Contest Categories

Each model entered into the competition should be entered into one of the following 9 categories:

  1. Juniors (modeler is under 18 years old)
  2. Aircraft
  3. Armor (includes soft skins)
  4. Ships, Boats, & Submarines
  5. Automotive
  6. Space & Sci-Fi
  7. Figures (includes fantasy)
  8. Miscellaneous (includes railroads, collections, dinosaurs, and animals)
  9. Dioramas

In addition to a Gold, Silver, or Bronze in the above categories, one Special Award will be given for each of the following:

  • Best Junior
  • Best Aircraft
  • Best Armor
  • Best Ship/Boat/Submarine
  • Best Figure
  • Best Automotive
  • Best Diorama
  • Best Space/Sci-Fi
  • Best Miscellaneous
  • Best Adversary Aircraft
  • Best US Navy/Marine Jet Aircraft
  • Best US Navy/Marine Prop Aircraft
  • Best US Navy/Marine Rotary/Tilt Aircraft
  • Best NAS Patuxent River Subject (show theme) — Includes Test and Other
  • Best Former Nationals Winner

There will be two major special awards:

  • People’s Choice — Voted on by all attendees
  • Best in Show — Judges decision