PaxCon 2023 Contest Info & Forms

To enter into the PAXCON Contest (or Display Only) you will need to download and print both the Contest Registration Form and a Model Entry Form for each model you will put on the table.


Additionally, there is a downloadable list of categories you wish to enter your model into.  Please be sure to mark which category you wish to enter the model, and place the model within that category on the table.


If you choose to only display your model, please mark clearly on the Model Entry Form “FOR DISPLAY ONLY” in large letters so the judges will not judge the model.


Each of the forms are downloadable PDF files that can be edited by most free PDF viewer applications.


Prospective judges should review the Judges’ Guide before PAXCON, and contestants should review the guide and rules as a means to understand the STANDARDS that will be applied during judging and set expectations.


Expect a Judges Meeting at 10am on the day of the show, judging can begin at any time after 10am, but entries will be closed by noon.