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September 2023

The September Meeting was our last one at High Tide Games. Our monthly theme was “Vietnam War” and there were several models for the theme present.

25 members present
27 models on the tables

Carl Eckmeyer: 1/48 Revell AH-64D Long Bow Apache, and 1/48 Monogram A-1H Skyraider.

I forget whose two figures these were; my apologies!  I *think* these were also Carl’s models.

Rick Weeks brought several models including this 1/72 P-47D Razorback.

Rick Weeks’ 1/25 Boss Mustang Fastback.

Something Rick painted for one of his kids.

Rick Weeks’ Mad Max car at the start of the movie…

…and Rick Weeks’ Mad Max car at the end of the movie!  🙂

Don’t you just know that Phil Allen is ALWAYS coming up with something unique?  Here’s some 1:1 scale shells to go with his scratch-built cannon on the scratch-built RC boat.  INSANITY!

Before moving to PA, Bill Brierton got started on this American LaFrance 900 Pumper fire engine.

Carey Marrinen is still “figuring” out some modeling and brought this Australian WWII Coastwatcher in 54mm this month.  Nicely done, Carey!

I *think* David Fuller brought this Hawkeye kit he just got started.  If is was someone else, my apologies!

Steve Luchianetti brought a couple of Vietnam-themed models for the meeting including this 1/72 F-105D Thunderchief with the SA-2 Guideline SAM missile on a launcher behind it.

Steve also brought this 1/72 F-4C Phantom II displayed in flight for the theme!

Jonathan Wright brought this little Polish model of the RWD-7 (or was it RWD-11?) that he found for like $1 in a bag during recent model swapping.  The decals, despite being some 40 years old, went on surprisingly well and he turned out a really nice little model!

Steve Workman brought this Broken Flower… I mean, the “in work” Hasegawa 1/72 Ki-48 Lily to share.

Scott Samo wipped out this 1/32 Fw190D-9 paint mule to show his approach to preparing the surface for applying decals.

Then Scott shared his current “in work” project, a Hobby Boss 1/48 Su22 Fitter-K in a really cool camouflage scheme!

I believe this was Paul Warren’s current WIP, a 1/48 F-14A Tomcat, though I forget the manufacturer.

Chris Thout had three models on hand, all nicely done.  The first is this 1/48 F/A-18E Super Hornet in VFA-97 livery.

Chris’ second model is this really neat 1/72 F-5E Tiger II in USMC VMFT-401 markings and a wrap around blue scheme.

Chris’ final display model is this nice 1/72 S-3A Viking (“Hoover”).

Nate Swift showed this clean Henschel tank buster with prop blurs mounted in an inflight pose.  Very nice!

Kirk Vonnevier showed this clean little A-4 Skyhawk, one of my favorites!

Gerry Whiteside had two models, the first was this great looking OH-6A Cayuse “Loach” helicopter.

Gerry’s second model was another good looking subject, the 1/72 OV-10A Bronco from Academy.

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