Meetings Newsletter Show-n-Tell

April 2023

Gerry Whiteside: 1/72 Atlantis AH56A Cheyenne (repop from Aurora) and 1/72 A-26A Counter Invader by Italeri. 

Bill Suggs: 1/72 AH-1S Cobra in JASDF markings by Hasegawa

David Fuller: 1/72 P-40B Flying Tigers by Airfix, P-40E Warhawk by Special Hobby, and P-40N Warhawk by a Hasegawa.

Dan Yakel: 1/35 Archer self propelled AT gun. Custom mixing colors. 

Carl Eckmyer: Testors/Italeri 1/48 AH-64B LongBow Apache.

Joe Hegedus: 1/48 F-14A Tomcat by Tamiya OOB. Ryan Spirit of St. Louis (NX211) by Revell. 

Steve Workman: 1/72 D4Y3 Judy by Fujimi

Vince: 1/144 Liberators and UNK AT-M6 Imperial Walker

Dan Dockery: 1/100 Bandai Gundam Wing XXXG built OOB 

Tim Holland: 1/72 Hurricane Mk. I Sea Hurricane color for FAA by Airfix. 

Darrin Cook: 1/48 F-4E Phantom by Meng.

Vic DiSanto: Ki-45 Kai Toryu Nick by Hasegawa

Scott Samo: 1/72 Ki-84 Frank by Arma Hobby, 1/48 Me109E-4/trop by Tamiya, 1/48 EA-6B Prowler by Revellogram.

Paul Warren: 1/32 Spitfire Mk. IXe by Tamiya

Jake Kidd: 1/48 X-Wing by Bandai, 1/48 B-17G Flying Fortress by Monogram. 

Nick Kessel: 1/48 F-14 Tomcat by , 1/48 F-16B Viper Kinetic, 1/48 FB-111 by Hobby Boss

Kirk Vonnevier: Academy I-16 Spanish Civil War. 

Phil Allen: 1/72 76mm scratch cannons for his RC ship project. Tsukuda Nausicaa Japanese Anime Gunship. 

Meetings Newsletter Show-n-Tell

March 2023

1/48 Saab J-29 Tunan

Academy 1/48 I-16 Spanish Civil War WIP.

I don’t recall the modeler or type here, but I love the paint job on the overall scheme and details!

Another armor model for which I am stumped on the name/type, but the paint job looks amazing!

Patrick “Doc” Haugh’s flight of ME/Bf-109’s and a single Fw190A-6/R3 (I think?) night fighter. The ‘109s cover many users and variants and are eye-catching in their many guises!

1/48 Macross F-1J WIP.

1/72 Heinkel He219A night fighter WIP.

1/32 P-38 Lightning from the Christmas gift exchange WIP.

I wish I knew more about armor types, or kept the modeler information, but this tank killer is looking pretty ‘killer’ so far!  WIP

Vic DiSanto’s 1/48 F11F Tiger at completion. Vic has been wrestling with painting the markings and getting the tail symbols done slanted.  Looks great!

1/72 Ki-45 Kai Toryu “Nick” WIP.

1/144 flight of Liberators/Privateer WIP by Vince Mankowski.

A really sweet 1/72 Ki-84 Frank (Hasegawa?).

A captured P-40 Warhawk in Japanese markings.

Dave Fuller’s group of WIP models.  Top L-R: P-40B, P-40E, P-40N .  Bottom L-R: A5M Claude, and something I don’t recognize (or remember)!

1/72 Kikka WIP, and a 1/48 F-8 Crusader “Mig Killer” WIP.

1/48 A-20 Havoc WIP.

1/48 Folland Gnat in Red Arrows markings by Joe Hegedus.

Joe Hegedus (I think) Hasegawa X-29 built (mostly) out of the box.

1/72 Ki-43 Oscar by Bill “Bene” Suggs (I think).

1/48 P-38M Night Lightning by Bill “Bene” Suggs.

Focus has failed me, but here are a nice pair of models that I did not capture info for. Apologies.

Gerry Whiteside 1/72 F-8 Crusader and 1/72 Hypothetical X-29 Aggressor in wrap around ‘snake’ camouflage.

Phill Allen brought a 1/1 scale “Cup O’ Noodles” soup by Bandai.  You can smell this picture!