2025 Theme List

January Space Case — Any real space or sci-fi spacecraft

February Anchors Aweigh! — Any ship or boat

March OEC – Operation Eldorado Canyon — Use Jim’s book as your reference! Any
F-111F, EF-111A, EA-3B, EA-6B, KA-6D, A-6E, A-7E, F-14A, F/A-18A, &
SR-71A or even their targets.

April Harrier in hot — Any Harrier Any Scale

May Special Delivery — Anything that delivers (Transport planes, cargo trucks,
ships, ambulance, mail truck, Santa’s sleigh)

June Anniversary — Any model tied to an anniversary this year, possibly Carrier
Landings, and certainly pizza night!

July Nostalgic Build — (re)Build a kit from your childhood

August Amnesty — A theme model you finally got around to completing!

September Eat Dirt! — Any armored vehicle

October Dawn Patrol — WW I Fighters

November Monogram monthly — any Monogram kit

December Christmas Pot Luck and Gift Exchange — Bring that gift kit you finished!