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      Tim Holland

        I’ll start:  inexpensive cotton buds that are on a long bamboo stick.

        Bamboo cotton buds, 400 for $12 on Amazon.

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          Wow…pointed on one side and cotton swab on the other! I use the pointed swabs all the time…they are invaluable for applying Bare Metal Foil (BMF). Though BMF changed their product last year and it is not thin and pliable anymore. I contacted the company and they told me they had to change suppliers, and can’t make it thin anymore. The new BMF stinks and doesn’t conform to corners at all.

          Now I pretty much will use Molotow Chrome pens which are amazing!

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          David Fuller


            I’ve been having really good luck with the chrome paint from these guys too:
            The paints are alcohol based and for straight chrome, they have both pre-thinned for airbrushing and stuff you can apply with a paint brush.  If you use the brushable stuff, I found it best to apply it heavy so that it can level out.  As long as it’s over a glossy surface, you get a really nice finish.


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