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      Tim Holland

        I was at the Flight Deck Lounge at Pax River today (yes, it’s open again) and the Skipper mentioned he would like to see some models hanging from the ceiling.  Currently a very big Hornet in white/orange.

        I chatted with the MWR guys there (I thought it was about MWR, but turned out the meeting was about other stuff) and they’d love to have some models donated.

        Pax River subjects, in-flight, bigger the better.

        Contact me if you want to make one for them and when you’re done I can arrange to have it hung.

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        Paul Warren

          I would love to have one of my models hanging there.  I assume there is no hurry or deadline?  Later this year or next I’ll plan a project.  1/32 big enough?

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            Tim Holland

              Bigger is better.  No timeline.


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