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      Jonathan Wright

        Greeting all. Let’s do a quick survey regarding our “not a Zero” display for Richmond. Just trying to get an idea of how many and what type planes we will have. I’ll go first. In this picture are  2 Idas, a Babs, a Bob, and a Paul. I hope to also finish a Betty, a Nate, and a George.


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        Patrick Haugh

          I have a G3M “Nell”

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          Tim Holland

            I’m working on 3 new for Richmond:

            • Hasegawa G8N Rita
            • UPC E15K Norm
            • Tamiya J7W1

            I also plan to bring my Kate, and a trainer.


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            Vince Mankowski

              I currently have 3 float planes in work; added decals last night to all the paint!  I have a Zuiun, a Shiun, and a Seiran in work for Richmond.

              I have 4 more models to add as the show season progresses; a Ki-43, a Ki-46-III type 100, a Ki-109, and a Ki-100.


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              Jake Kidd

                I’m working on a lone, Arma Hobby 1/72 KI-84 “Frank”.


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                Steve Workman

                  I have a Seiran that I plan to bring.  There is also an Oscar, Sonia, and Judy I hope to work on and complete.

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