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      Tim Holland

        Attached is the list I’ve currently got.  47 Kits to take.  Also attached is the layout for the 3×5 cards.  I’ve got those in hand and I’m ready to print.

        Hopefully there are a couple more I’m not aware of yet that can come home with me tonight.


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        Patrick Haugh

          Tachikawa Ki-54 <i>Otsu. </i>Gunnery and R/T trainer


          Kugisho R2Y1 <i>Keiun </i>(beautiful cloud) Twin engine single propellor. No Allied code name, as it was destroyed before the Allies knew of it’s existence

          Mitsubishi L3N Transport version of the G3M “Nell”


          Nakajima Ki-87 Prototype high altitude supercharged interceptor. No Allied code name AFAIK.


          Ha-Go  IJA autogyro

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          Jake Kidd

            You should have a Hasegawa ki-43 from me as well.

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              Tim Holland

                Confirmed, got them both.

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              Tim Holland

                As an update — 52 models total.  I have 51 boxed and ready to load into the cab of the truck.  Scott will be taking his kit directly.

                It’s gonna be a great display guys!  I’ll post pictures once I get it all in place.

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