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      Tim Holland
        Getting back to normal ops (I Hope.).  Fingers are crossed on the health front and the internet is a crap shoot any time I sign on. 

        Well, so much for getting this out last night.  I was up to that last CLICK and Mailchimp decided to crap out.  Now, can I get this out today?  Damifino.



        Should anyone want to download a Newsletter file and are unable to do so contact me and I will see what we can work out.  I should have the Newsletter on my computer.

        OK, a little something different here.  I do not like shilling for one group, contest, gatherering, etc, etc, etc, but in this case I think I will.

        It is put together by a couple of interprising souls and should have appeal to many members of the Society.  Working towards the 2024 Nats, now is the time to get in on the ground floor.  The easiest way for me to ‘splain the program, I’ll quote the email sent to me.

        The group is being managed on a facebook page, but if there’s people who would like to join that are not on facebook, they can email me at 148thtrainingwing@gmail.com

        Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1631911100631790/

        Group Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QhONIF2j8SFErLhhH0BZLwWeaf0Dvb4-fWbLBI0yf_I/edit?usp=sharing

        Join our scale model group build featuring the 1/48 scale B-25 Mitchell. The final goal is to display the completed models together at the 2024 IPMS national convention model show in Madison, Wisconsin July 17-20, 2024. Choose and build any 1/48 scale B-25 Mitchell in a unique paint scheme (nose art / markings) alongside fellow modelers as part of our Facebook group. Schemes can be claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis. For complete rules and how to join, visit our Facebook Group: “2024 IPMS Nationals B-25 Group Build” 


        -Mike Peer


        Please contact Mike direct.  I am just the middle man here and know just what you see.  This is an ambitious project and any help will be appreciated, I am sure.   Other than the links, there is nothing to click on or open up.

        IPMS Austin Scale Modelers Society

        IPMS Binghamton N.Y.

        IPMS Grand Strand Scale Modelers

        IPMS Phoenix

        Happy Modeling

        Mark E. Young, Jr.
        IPMS 5494a
        IPMS Chapter Newsletter Distribution Guy

        Please use myoung.IPMS.5494a@gmail.com for all Newsletter correspondence and submissions..

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