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      Tim Holland
        …and now the 0930 Weather in East Tennessee – Sunny and 50 degrees.  Expected high of 65 degrees.  Things are cooling off and we are headed back into the model making season.  Time to make whoopee with some plastic.


        Should anyone want to download a Newsletter file and are unable to do so contact me and I will see what we can work out.  I should have the Newsletter on my computer.

        John Noack has forwarded the following to us.  Many of us remember the Days of Apollo and the suspense of the Apollo 13 Mission and the virtually heroic efforts to eventually return the capsule and crew safely back to Earth.  It was not a sure thing at best.  I do not have an Apple account, but was able to listen to the podcasts on my computer.  Not sure how it will do on a phone.  Anyway, there are 28 files in the set.  They are presented in ‘reverse’ order, newest first.  I highly recommend you go to #28 and start there.  This is a copy/paste of John’s message to me:

        Hi all,
        I was recently giving a tour at NMUSAF and in the group were a couple from Houston.  As we discussed the Space Gallery, I was amazed at the wealth of knowledge this Texas lady had about the Apollo program and the first lunar landing in particular.
        She recommended the following podcast to me and I am hooked.  It’s very well done and features interviews with many key figures (Armstrong, Kranz, Von Braun) as well as some of the lesser-known figures including the then 26 year old Guidance controller who had to make the split second decision whether to continue the landing wen the guidance computer on Eagle choked and sputtered.


        Podcasts are free – I use Apple but you can download pretty much any podcast app and listen.  Highly recommended.



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        Happy Modeling

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        Please use myoung.IPMS.5494a@gmail.com for all Newsletter correspondence and submissions..

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