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      Tim Holland
        I’m not a weather forcaster or anything (I  can tell if it is hot or raining or whatever just by my addled senses) but it seems as though the hot, hot summer is winding down.  Temps are a bit cooler, at least lately.  As we all know, that can change quickly.  This is all leading up to say that the winter modeling season is headed our way.  Not so many shows and contests to attend, but time to head into the inner sanctom and fondling plastic.

        John Noack has provided us with two more of his ever-interesting articles.  Details below.

        I might note this issue has double trouble for our automotive minded modelers.  Hey, I am known as an airplane guy, but have built several cars through the years.

        The wife is scheduled home from the hospital on Friday.  I do not know just how much time I will have to devote to the newsletters. 
        I will try to not let you down.

        Should anyone want to download a Newsletter file and are unable to do so contact me and I will see what we can work out.  I should have the Newsletter on my computer.

        First up is John’s submission of a study of the 1906 patent application by the Wright Brothers.  

        The researcher made the following comment:   “Finally spent some time with the 1906 patent by the Wright brothers. I had put it off because of the patent style that covers figures with dozens of numbers that are only defined in long legalese text instead of in a handy key.

        Was well worth it and attached is hopefully an easier version of the basic content (or at least what I thought was most interesting).”

        Next up is via an  Air and Space Force Daily  U-Tube video on the U-2.  Like many of the aircraft in our inventory, the U-2 is older than many or maybe even most of our membership.  Not me buddy, not me.  I remember well watching her fly out of U-Tapao RTAFB Thailand in 1968.

        (Click on Link) 

        The U-2 Dragon Lady As You Have Never Seen It Before

        IPMS C.A.R.S. In Miniature or Northern Illinois

        IPMS Grand Touring and Racing

        IPMS Scale Modeling Enthusiasts

        Happy Modeling

        Mark E. Young, Jr.
        IPMS 5494a
        IPMS Chapter Newsletter Distribution Guy

        Please use myoung.IPMS.5494a@gmail.com for all Newsletter correspondence and submissions..

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