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      Tim Holland
        Back at it again and I think I have enough for another blast.   
        (Another day.)

        Have been busy on my end.  Unfortuately, no modeling.  It will take a while to get my shop set up.  A banner day today though – I brought our camper over to stay in until things are ready to in the house.

        Good news. Bad news.
        I am headed to Chattanooga this evening for their meeting.  
        I can only go because the wife is in rehab.  Otherwise, it will be 24/7 watching her.

        Many of you have expressed support for the wife and we really appreciate each and every one of you.  Thank you folks, from the bottom of our heart.


        Should anyone want to download a Newsletter file and are unable to do so contact me and I will see what we can work out.  I should have the Newsletter on my computer.

        IPMS/AMPS Chattanooga 

        IPMS Knoxville

        IPMS Military Modelers Club of Louisville

        IPMS Will Cook

        IPMS Western Reserve

        Happy Modeling

        Mark E. Young, Jr.
        IPMS 5494a
        IPMS Chapter Newsletter Distribution Guy

        Please use myoung.IPMS.5494a@gmail.com for all Newsletter correspondence and submissions..

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