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      Tim Holland
        It is going to be hard to say when this actually gets out.  Bear with me.  We picked up the keys to the new house and have a great deal of work to do before household goods are delivered next week.  Hopefully my available time will coincide with available bandwidth

        (Psssstt—Maybe it wil make it today!!–Maybe?)

        I do hope you are getting geared up for Nationals.


        Should anyone want to download a Newsletter file and are unable to do so contact me and I will see what we can work out.  I should have the Newsletter on my computer.

        IPMS New Zealand

        IPMS Prison City Modelers

        IPMS Will Cook    March 2023
        Will Cook is catching up on their Newsletters and will make up the remainder of this issue.

        IPMS Will Cook    April 2023

        IPMS Will Cook   May 2023

        Happy Modeling

        Mark E. Young, Jr.
        IPMS 5494a
        IPMS Chapter Newsletter Distribution Guy

        Please use myoung.IPMS.5494a@gmail.com for all Newsletter correspondence and submissions..

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