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        Good day everyone,

        Tim was gracious in sending a club email out to everyone some weeks ago for me with with a link to some vintage kit sales on eBay. The problem is I left out the link to show the back story and the TONS OF CASES of vintage models these guys have. These are mostly new, old stock, Mint In Box (MIB) warehoused models. Most came in the original cases.

        The models were originally stocked and sold via snail-mail order by Ron and his store, The Galactic Trade Commission in Kansas. Ron became ill recently and sold his warehouse stash to Wise Guys Hobbies. They purchased three, thirty-foot long trucks worth of models and transported them to their New York warehouse.

        They have been breaking down the cases, cataloging the models, warehousing them, and selling them on eBay. They have also been videoing everything and sharing their progress showing all the original cases and models on the shelves. The videos are linked below at Macross World (I do a lot of model build posting there). The latest installment is first along with a link to their eBay store.

        They have a lot of MIB vintage kits to include Sci-fi, real world, generic Revell, and other companies; many that are now shut down. I have bought from them and will be buying more. The quality and the prices are great, especially for kits and companies no longer around. Need a kit for May’s Macross Mania theme? They have it. Enjoy the virtual journey back in time!  – Phill

        The GTC Legacy Project Part 4 – Warehouse Update

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