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      Tim Holland

        Due to some external factors, I’m no longer able to do all the things needed to run the Club. So I am asking for help in the following areas:

        1. Ops Officer — Scheduling and managing events. Reserving tables at shows we agree we will have a display (or if the Club wants to sell Club merch), and then taking the banners, signs, and table cloths. Ensuring we have a venue for the monthly meetings as well as the Friday socials (currently we have the Airport Terminal for these, but we will need to submit a fresh authorization for any meeting we want to bring food such as Christmas potluck and Anniversary pizza night). Manage comms on these as well, between us and event coordinator as well as internal. 
        2. Newsletter — Vince Mankowski is primary but his schedule means he sometimes misses a meeting, which means no notes for photos (if we get photos). Role is to coordinate with Vince and be the photographer and writer in his absence, and draft the newsletter online if needed. 
        3. Webmaster 1 — Manage the website. This requires knowledge or willing to learn about WordPress. Not looking for major changes in the design, except during the preps to PaxCon, and I would help with that part. The role mainly ensures the site is updated (90% automated already but some things cannot be automated), resetting passwords, adding new users, etc. 
        4. Webmaster 2 — Manage the discord server.  This requires knowledge or willing to learn discord. This will require a complete redesign. My desire is to ultimately replace the forum on the website because that is inefficient and not well supported (security updates are no longer happening in that module). I’d like to have the discord support voice/video and text and have both a Club members only and open areas (open would still require a secure membership but anyone anywhere could join once vetted as truly a modeler). Both Webmaster roles can be one person if desired, I’m just offering these as separate roles to spread the efforts. 
        5. Raffler — manage the stock of the raffle prizes for monthly meetings and Christmas party. This means ensuring they are wrapped and are decent kits (no Frog or Airfix kits from 60’s), preferably sealed. If stock gets low, ask for donations, etc. Keep a stock of raffle tickets and then run the raffle at the meetings. 
        I’ll continue to be the President and Treasurer simply because trying to take my name off the bank account is a bit challenging with Navy Federal. We would have to open something with a local bank and that requires added paperwork and other tax thingies. Not hard just not worth the effort, yet. 
        Think about it. Some things can be done virtually like webmaster. 
        If nobody volunteers then some of the above goes away. I need to build more models. 
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        Tim Holland


          Josh Peng volunteered to be Webmaster for both this site and the discord.

          Tim Boyd volunteered to be the Raffler and is willing to help Josh with the discord.

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          Tim Holland

            Still looking for an Ops O…

            Still looking for help with the Newsletter…

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