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      Dan Yakel

        I talked to the Fair President yesterday and informed him of our status that we WILL be at this years County fair and please leave some room for us and a couple of tables.


        If those of us whom have not participated in this event, this is a chance for us to describe to other members of the community on what we do, what we are about, and most important, our show.

        I will bring the spreadsheet to the next meeting so YOU can decide on which day you want to be there.  The time slots are about 3 to 4 hours long and BRING a cushion or your favorite camping chair.

        Also, I added 1 extra person to certain time/day slots due to the fact that there will be heavy foot traffic.  You do not have to decide at the next show but, I will need an answer as soon as possible if you are willing to do so.

        The set-up for the show will most likely happen on Tuesday but, we will need to discuss what timeframe to be there, table cloths, power cords, and such..

        More to follow at this months meeting.

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        Dan Yakel


          Here’s a great update to this.  E-mails have been sent to the “Grand Wizzard” and Tim will be sending out the spreadsheet to all.  I need this filled by the end of the month so I can get a “head count” total for “GATE PASSES” to get into the fair.

          Yes, we will get “GATE PASSES” but, I need names on that spreadsheet.  Once I get the complete form in, I will send it to the fair coordinator and we will be set.

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          Dan Yakel

            ATTENTION ALL


            Thank you to Dan Dockery, Bill Brierton, and Phill Allen for stepping up and volunteering for the county fair.  Where is everyone else??  There are plenty of slots available during these days.


            The cut-off is NEXT SATURDAY September 9th, 2023.  I will need to finish out this list and send it to the fair coordinator so he and his team can ensure that we can get into the fair at “no cost”.


            FRIDAY, 22 Sept 2023

            0800 till 1100 (need 3 people)

            1100 till 1500  (need 2 people)

            1500 till 1900  (need 2 people)

            1900 till 2200  (need 3 people)


            Saturday, 24 Sept 2023

            0800 till 1100  (need 3 people)

            1100 till 1500  (need 3 people)

            1500 till 1900  (need 2 people)

            1900 till 2200  (need 2 people)


            Sunday, 24 Sept 2023

            0900 till 1200  (need 2 people)

            1200 till 1500  (need 3 people)

            1500 till 1900  (need 3 people)


            We NEED people like you, volunteers.  We need to get the local community behind us and sell our 1st EVER show.

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            Tim Holland

              I’m signed up for Saturday, 08-11

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