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      Tim Holland

        I have 41 kits in this year’s gift exchange, which should be sufficient. For 2022 there were 36 kits exchanged. Aircraft, armor, ship, car, sci-fi. And of course, a white elephant!

        If you feel a burning desire to spend on a Black Friday deal and donate a kit, please do. Please ensure it is unopened and/or complete and the internal bags are unopened. Wrap it in newsprint. I’ll simply pull a kit and shift it to the monthly raffle.


        • Everyone gets a raffle ticket
        • First draw chooses a kit and unwraps it
        • Subsequent draws can either steal an unwrapped kit, or choose a fresh one and unwrap it
        • After 3rd steal, the unwrapped kit is locked and cannot be stolen again
        • If your kit is stolen, you either steal another one (not the one you just lost!), or unwrap a fresh one
        • Once last person has cycled through the above, the FIRST raffle ticket owner gets to steal (since that wasn’t an option when we started)
        • After the stealing is done, socializing and horse trading can begin
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