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Tim Holland

    Email I received from Gary Wenke:

    I was sent a couple of photographs of your lovely display of Pacific War aircraft of Imperial Japan at the IPMS/USA Nationals in Texas.

    I am the leader of the Japanese Aviation special interest group of IPMS(UK) and thought the display absolutely champion.  Well done.  I’d be curious to learn how many people participated in the display and if they all came from your branch in Maryland?

    How kind to have received a response so swiftly.  A member of our SIG snapped a couple photos of your display and sent it to me.  I’ve posted them on our Facebook page, sent them to our SIG members and also to George of Arawasi.  Modelling subjects of Japanese aviation has really only taken off in the last 15 years.  I remembered when I retired from the Air Force here in England I wanted desperately to join a special interest group.  I was keen on Russian aircraft, but their group was so well subscribed I let it pass.   The French SIG was okay, but not really a major interest of mine and as I was leaving Donnington, where IPMS (UK) was holding their Nationals I spied a sole Ki-84 in Special Attack markings on the Leeds stand with a sign:  “If you are interested in Japanese aviation contact Peter Starkings” with contact details.  That was 1995.  The rest is history.  Peter’s passed away now and I manage the SIG.  As an American I was most interested as the Pacific war was such an American effort.
    Anyway, I think you folks made a champion effort and to have brought it all the way to Texas from Maryland was something.
    Should you ever make it to the IPMS (UK) Scale ModelWorld, the more recent name for our Nationals, it would be a pleasure to meet you.
    All the best and if there is anything you should ever want from England, do let me know.