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Andy White

    Typically I would renew if I planned on attending Nats. The last couple of years I’ve retained a membership for that reason, and to maintain our club’s charter (minimum 5 IPMS members)…which covers our liability insurance for hosting a contest. That seems to be the only tangible benefit to being an IPMS member/charter.

    I’m glad IPMS exists but it needs to catch up, and it needs to reevaluate it’s mission. There are people within the organization working to do that…but quite honestly it seems they need to wait until a few guys die off.

    Someone on another forum suggested they get rid of the “Journal” due to the effort to publish it and its cost. With the money saved, perhaps dues could come down (ha hah ahaha haahahaha), and that might attract new members or maybe the money can be put to better use.