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April 2023

Gerry Whiteside: 1/72 Atlantis AH56A Cheyenne (repop from Aurora) and 1/72 A-26A Counter Invader by Italeri. 

Bill Suggs: 1/72 AH-1S Cobra in JASDF markings by Hasegawa

David Fuller: 1/72 P-40B Flying Tigers by Airfix, P-40E Warhawk by Special Hobby, and P-40N Warhawk by a Hasegawa.

Dan Yakel: 1/35 Archer self propelled AT gun. Custom mixing colors. 

Carl Eckmyer: Testors/Italeri 1/48 AH-64B LongBow Apache.

Joe Hegedus: 1/48 F-14A Tomcat by Tamiya OOB. Ryan Spirit of St. Louis (NX211) by Revell. 

Steve Workman: 1/72 D4Y3 Judy by Fujimi

Vince: 1/144 Liberators and UNK AT-M6 Imperial Walker

Dan Dockery: 1/100 Bandai Gundam Wing XXXG built OOB 

Tim Holland: 1/72 Hurricane Mk. I Sea Hurricane color for FAA by Airfix. 

Darrin Cook: 1/48 F-4E Phantom by Meng.

Vic DiSanto: Ki-45 Kai Toryu Nick by Hasegawa

Scott Samo: 1/72 Ki-84 Frank by Arma Hobby, 1/48 Me109E-4/trop by Tamiya, 1/48 EA-6B Prowler by Revellogram.

Paul Warren: 1/32 Spitfire Mk. IXe by Tamiya

Jake Kidd: 1/48 X-Wing by Bandai, 1/48 B-17G Flying Fortress by Monogram. 

Nick Kessel: 1/48 F-14 Tomcat by , 1/48 F-16B Viper Kinetic, 1/48 FB-111 by Hobby Boss

Kirk Vonnevier: Academy I-16 Spanish Civil War. 

Phil Allen: 1/72 76mm scratch cannons for his RC ship project. Tsukuda Nausicaa Japanese Anime Gunship. 

Meetings Newsletter Show-n-Tell

March 2023

1/48 Saab J-29 Tunan

Academy 1/48 I-16 Spanish Civil War WIP.

I don’t recall the modeler or type here, but I love the paint job on the overall scheme and details!

Another armor model for which I am stumped on the name/type, but the paint job looks amazing!

Patrick “Doc” Haugh’s flight of ME/Bf-109’s and a single Fw190A-6/R3 (I think?) night fighter. The ‘109s cover many users and variants and are eye-catching in their many guises!

1/48 Macross F-1J WIP.

1/72 Heinkel He219A night fighter WIP.

1/32 P-38 Lightning from the Christmas gift exchange WIP.

I wish I knew more about armor types, or kept the modeler information, but this tank killer is looking pretty ‘killer’ so far!  WIP

Vic DiSanto’s 1/48 F11F Tiger at completion. Vic has been wrestling with painting the markings and getting the tail symbols done slanted.  Looks great!

1/72 Ki-45 Kai Toryu “Nick” WIP.

1/144 flight of Liberators/Privateer WIP by Vince Mankowski.

A really sweet 1/72 Ki-84 Frank (Hasegawa?).

A captured P-40 Warhawk in Japanese markings.

Dave Fuller’s group of WIP models.  Top L-R: P-40B, P-40E, P-40N .  Bottom L-R: A5M Claude, and something I don’t recognize (or remember)!

1/72 Kikka WIP, and a 1/48 F-8 Crusader “Mig Killer” WIP.

1/48 A-20 Havoc WIP.

1/48 Folland Gnat in Red Arrows markings by Joe Hegedus.

Joe Hegedus (I think) Hasegawa X-29 built (mostly) out of the box.

1/72 Ki-43 Oscar by Bill “Bene” Suggs (I think).

1/48 P-38M Night Lightning by Bill “Bene” Suggs.

Focus has failed me, but here are a nice pair of models that I did not capture info for. Apologies.

Gerry Whiteside 1/72 F-8 Crusader and 1/72 Hypothetical X-29 Aggressor in wrap around ‘snake’ camouflage.

Phill Allen brought a 1/1 scale “Cup O’ Noodles” soup by Bandai.  You can smell this picture!

Meetings Newsletter Show-n-Tell

February 2023

The February meeting opened with announcements from Jim R, Dan Y, Vince,  and Jake K.  We welcomed three new members at this meeting too
Carl Eckmyer eclectic builder
Jake Eckmyer fantasy subjects
Chris Thuot eclectic builder

Now, on with the MODELS!
Jake Eckmyer: Bandai 30 Minute Sisters

Gerry Whiteside: 1/48 Revell F/A-18F Hornet

Gerry Whiteside: 1/72 Airfix T-6 Texan

David: Airfix 1/72 P-40C AML pre cut masks, not a zero (KA-VO auto gyro; Fine Molds Ka-14 prototype; Fine Molds U1W1 Lorna using AK Real Colors lacquers).

Justin Reed: Tamiya 1/72 Ki-61 Hein

Johnathan Wright: AZ Models Bob; Hasegawa Nate China 1930s; ki-36, ki-56 Ida; LS Ki-15 Babs; Paul w/ filled wing

Patrick ‘Doc’ Haugh: 1/48 Bf110G night fighter interned in Switzerland; MPM Bf109T; Dragon Fw190A-6R-11 Wilde Sau; and then Bf109E – E – E – E and a G!

Dan Dockery: showed off his “The Jig XL” which he bought on Etsy

Steve Workman: Mania ki-27a China 1939; Ki-15 Babs; Hasegawa M6A1 Seiran

Tim Holland: Hasegawa G8N1 Rita; Fujimi Ida; Fujimi Claude; Fujimi Val; Hasegawa Ki-44 Tojo; Aviation USK Ki-115 Tsurugi; E15K Norm by UPC

Paul Warren: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9; 1/32 Tamiya Spitfire Mk. IXc

Somehow a number of photos I took did not get transferred and I cannot share them here.  My apologies to the modelers whose models at the February meeting are not represented here.

Meetings Show-n-Tell

Let’s Talk Models! – February 2023 Edition

Meetings Newsletter Show-n-Tell

January 2023

Gerry Whiteside: 1/72 Hase AFX

Bill Suggs: 1/144 AV-8B Harrier II
Kirk Vonnevier: New member Monogram 1/72 F-4J Phantom II
John Williams: Rev-Ger Colombo Express full hull modified to a waterline (compared size to the German Gniesenau).
Dan Yakel: Bandai B wing, markings masked & painted
1/48 Roland C.1
1/35 Tasca/Dragon Sherman “Direct Vision” marked as ‘Dixie Belle’ in Tunisia 1943
Kinetic 1/48 Ground Support Equipment for a retirement gift in work; and 1/48 Revell Me-110G2 to G4 conversion using Eduard parts.
Steve Luchianetti: Airfix 1/72 A-4B/Q Skyhawk
Nate Swift: Revell 1/72 F-89C Scorpion
Dan Dockery: Lego DeLorean 
Greg Hurla: Paper AT-AT scene
Jerome Hurla: New member, several Warhammer models
Tim Holland: Kinetic1/24 P-47D Razorback
Paul Warren: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9
Vince Mankowski: 1/48 OA-4M Skyhawk; 1/72 PBY-5A Catalina “Black Cat”; Giganotosaurus bust; two Tupandactylus; fantasy Ceratopsian vignette.
Joe Nevis: various fantasy and scifi figures
Steve Workman: Gundams made by Bandai. 1/144 scale built out of box. 
Darrin Cook: Armahobby 1/72 P-39Q Airacobra
Andy White: Tamiya 1/48 F-35A Lightning II
Andy Frill: Tamiya 1/48 P-38J Lightning. Kinetic 1/24 P-47D Bubbletop
Jake Kidd: 1) Airfix 1/72 P-51D Mustang ‘red tails’
2) Tamiya 1/35 Willys MB
3) Star Wars Legion: The Clone Wars Core Set
4) Tamiya 1/35 M41 Walker Bulldog (post chipping)
Collin Tatusko: Tamiya 1/48 F4D-1 Skyray. Fujimi 1/72 F7U-3M Cutlass. Academy 1/48 F-5E Lightning.
Phill Allen: Madox 01 Anime figure. 
Patrick ‘Doc’ Haugh: Revell 1/72 Swiss Bf110G. 1/48 P-47D-25 Bubbletop that hit a factory and returned to base on half a starboard wing. Orcs and plague doctor. 
Meetings Newsletter Show-n-Tell

December 2022

We had 31 members present.

20221215_191551We welcomed two new members to the club: Will Clark and Gregg Hurla.

30 members participated in the Christmas gift exchange and stealing event.  Some folks are pictured multiple times because they kept getting the model they opened stolen and had to go back for another!  The stealing devolved into a free-for-all as no one really wanted the 1/35 M-10 Tank Destroyer that was the last kit to take and we slowly, painfully, and hilariously watched as most of the models reached three (3) steals and were ‘locked’.  A good time was had by all based on the laughter and general goofiness that took place.

20221215_202835A REAL TREAT was the placement of the completed “Rickshaw” at the meeting.  The Rickshaw has been a ‘gag gift’ in the club for many Christmas exchanges and it keeps going home with someone new each year.  Last year, Phill Allen’s son wound up with it and he actually BUILT IT to bring back.  Unfortunately he was not feeling well on the night of the meeting, but Dad (Phill) brought it in to share with the members.  He added rockets with fuses to each side and generally dressed it up a bit with fantasy upgrades, and did a fantastic job on the model itself.

20221215_194050This year’s ‘gag gift’ was a 1/32 Sweet Potato Stand by Arii; and it went home with Gregg Hurla (first meeting, and he is the one who gets the gag!).  Gregg also has a 1/48 train set in his mancave, and was contemplating the similarity in scale to go ahead and build it and add it to his train layout.  Time will tell if he does so, or it gets returned and is a potential model in next year’s gift exchange!



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